Whether you’re an individual, a small group leader, or a pastor looking for something new to inspire your congregation, What We Believe and Why is a profound resource. It lays out the wide variety of Christian beliefs that exist, giving the reader a better understanding of the diversity within the Church and of fellow Christians worldwide. And it helps clearly separate the essentials of the faith from the non-essentials.

Finally, the book delivers a powerful and convicting message for unity and reconciliation within the Body of Christ—something that all believers, young and old, need to hear and take to heart. Pastor Koch reveals how competing religious concepts arose in the Church, and how these are often used—against the explicit commands of Jesus—to drive apart believers.

He then sets forth several biblical steps that opposing Christian groups and individuals can take to reconcile, allowing the wisdom of God to enter into our faith debates.


Talmud Page. Click image to enlarge.

Honestly, I've not seen a book like it ... If I were pastoring this is what I would use, hands down.

–Dr. John Armstrong