Radio Programs

What We Believe and Why Radio:

The full content of the book What We Believe and Why is below, in a series of 24 minute radio programs, with each episode in two 12 minute segments. You can listen to ALL of it here, for free, and also download each one as an MP3.

These are available for syndication. Go here for further information.

You may also get an audiobook (in full chapters, rather than 14 minute segments) for those who prefer to listen rather than read, and for the sight-impaired. You can purchase it here.

The number in brackets [  ] shows which chapters of the book are covered in each radio program. Longer chapters are broken up into sections.

  • Episode 1. What We Believe and Why - foundations, and outline of the whole book. [Chapter 1]
  • Episode 2. Essentials of the faith and Salvation (Jesus meets Nicodemus). [Chapters 1,2]
  • Episode 3. The Death of Jesus and how it relates to the Kingdom; Salvation and Sanctification. [Chapters 2,3]
  • Episode 4. More on Salvation and Sanctification. Can you lose your salvation? [Chapter 3]